Reduce 2 words
to 1 Finger

A Sticker that is Removable & Reusable
Leaves No Residue • Is stronger than vinyl
& is FUN to Use Indoors & Outdoors!

Legal Stuff

Here, you'll find things like our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Warranties, along with other stuff you might need a lawyer to break down for you.

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to revise and change any or all of our policies at our discretion; your usage of website constitutes your agreement with the then current version of said policies. The content of this web site will also be subject to changes over time, which may include, but isn't limited to: services, products and/or their materials, pricing and more. We will honor the pricing and/or product at the time of your order, but we reserve the right to change our content and website at any time, without prior notice.

Returns / Warranties / Exchanges

If the AutoFinger arrives DEEfective or damaged, it can be returned within a month of DEElivery and we will replace your AutoFinger at no extra charge. In any case of damage or DEEfect, if more than one AutoFinger was purchased (such as through the 5-Finger Discount, Flock of Birds or Mother Flocker), a full refund or exchange is not possible unless the ENTIRE order is sent back. Partial returns on discounted orders will not be accepted nor refunded, but will only be exchanged.

Build-A-Finger / Customized Finger-Specific Returns

Every Build-A-Finger and/or personalized AutoFinger sale is FINAL. We'll have no problem exchanging your regular order or customized AutoFinger if it was damaged or DEEfective WHEN YOU RECEIVED IT; just notify us within a month. If you end up with a problem AutoFinger, e-mail us at and we'll probably just give you the finger…but then we’ll send you your replacement AutoFinger.

Customer Logins & Accounts

Specific areas of The AutoFinger website may require you to log in and provide information such as forms of payment. This information will be protected for each customer, and will NEVER be shared with any other entity at any time nor for any reason. Your use of this website acknowledges that you are responsible for any and all claims or damages that may occur due to use or access of The AutoFinger website and/or its related content (such as its Social Networks). You are also responsible for any person using your account information on our website.

Protection of Sensitive Information

Parts of our website offer encryption and other methods of privacy and protection for things such as payment information, however, no system, anywhere, can guarantee a 0% chance of data interception and decryption. We resolve to do our best to protect all said information and data.

Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Info You Give (To Us Specifically)

When you make an order, create an account, ask us a question, write a review, or use our site, you might send us some personal info, or we might ask for it.
That info may consist of:

  • Your name
  • Your mailing address
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your phone number
  • Your credit card info (or whatever payment info you'll use)
  • Your demographic and lifestyle info, such as age, product preferences and the general area where you live

How We Use It

Info that we take or you give may be used in the following ways:

  • Delivering orders, or their notification
  • Answering requests for products, or more info on them
  • Managing returns or exchanges
  • Advertising and marketing our stuff
  • Tracking of purchases
  • Research and Evaluation of our stuff and ourselves
  • Helping us make your account(s)
  • Notifying you of sales, discounts, promos, surveys and FREEBIES!

We DON'T give your email address to any other company, we DON'T collect any personally-linking data giving us your specific racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, either.

There are 2 ways you can give and consent to our collection of certain personal information:

E-mail Request - Links across our site give you the chance to contact us via e-mail to ask questions, request info and materials, or provide comments & suggestions. You might also be contacted by one of us to give additional info about how we, or our products, are doing. To do that, we might need to ask for additional personal information from you, for things like your name and telephone number, to help us help you.

Enrollment - You're free to sign up for one of our products or services where we ask for certain information from you. Depending on what you request, you might need to provide different personal info. For certain things, we might need your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, and credit card number. Other products and services might need different or supplemental information from you in order to apply.

Statistical Information About Your Visit

Info we take while you visit our site does not identify you personally; it just records info about a visit to our site. We'll monitor statistics like: how many people visit our site, which pages people visit, and which browsers people use. We use this data about your visit to help us improve our web site and user experience.

Opting-Out of Notifications

Now and then, we notify our mailing list subscribers of new products, announcements, and updates. You're free to join this mailing list at your leisure. Across all orders, however, we've an automated system that should provide updates on all orders, such as "payment confirmed," "delivery started" and/or other such information. If you would like to opt-out of being notified, please contact us at and specify if you'd like NO e-mails, or only ESSENTIAL e-mails.

Essential Info for Customers

We might need to contact you (based on your opt-out preferences) to provide updates or warnings when problems arise regarding the quality of our entity, our products and/or services, and/or their delivery to you. In these cases, we will only provide essential, barebones information and will save regular marketing (e. g., promotions and contests) for those who are subscribers or who re-subscribe to our regular mailing list.

Billing Name

Norman DEE Associates (our parent company) will appear on your PayPal and/or credit card invoices, not The AutoFinger.

Cookies, Analytics & Other Facilities

We use 3rd-party tools that track what you do and what you look for, so that we can figure out how you browse our site(s) and how to best deliver the content that you're searching for. Said 3rd-parties often use cookies, web beacons, and other tools to collect info on where you've been and how you act, in order to provide measurement services and target ads at you. If you don't want your info collected and/or used to target you, you can opt-out. A couple of resources that can help you do so are the Digital Advertising Alliance and the EDAA.
NOTE: We do NOT sell your info to ANYONE.

Current 3rd-party tools include: Facebook Tools.

Click the name of the respective party to learn more about each.