Reduce 2 words
to 1 Finger

A Sticker that is Removable & Reusable
Leaves No Residue • Is stronger than vinyl
& is FUN to Use Indoors & Outdoors!

Frequently Asked Questions

Common concerns and questions are answered here. In case your question isn't listed, or you've got more, feel free to Contact Us!

Why doesn’t the billing name on my credit card say “The AutoFinger?”

Our parent company’s name is Norman Dee Associates, now entering its 41st year as a sign company. The AutoFinger is 1 of our divisions. Our name, Norman Dee Associates, will appear on your credit card or PayPal statement.

What material do you use for The AutoFinger stickers?

It’s a woven polyester material that’s much stronger than vinyl. It’s tear-resistant and has a removable adhesive that leaves no residue. They are reusable and should last for years.

How many different styles are there for The AutoFinger?

We currently have 11 different styles, which we’ve put into 3 groups:
The Originals Group consists of
the Classic, Grunge, Afro, Zombie Green, Zombie Purple, & Solarized AutoFingers.
The Legal Alien Group consists of
the Moon Man, Uranus Man, & Martian Man AutoFingers.
The X-Rays Group consists of
Bone White & Ghost Gold.

How many sizes are there of The AutoFingers?

We currently have 6 different sizes:

What’s the Flock of Birds?

It’s a collection of all 11 styles. That means if you buy a flock, you get one of every finger in your chosen size. Each Flock is available in any of our 6 different SIZES.

What’s the Mother Flocker?

It’s a collection of all 6 sizes of any given style. They are available in any of our 11 STYLES.

What’s the 5-finger discount? [Currently Inactive]

When you purchase 5 of any product, You’ll save 25%. You get 5 for LESS than the price of 4.

Are there any installation tips?


  1. Make sure the coating on the backing paper doesn't peel off & stick to the back of your AutoFinger. On rare occasions the blade cuts a little too DEEp into the backing paper; if this happens, use a fingernail or a tool to separate the coating from your AutoFinger.
  2. Make sure your intended surface for installation is CLEAN. Dirt and/or dust will hurt sticking. They work much better on flat, non-porous (smooth) surfaces.
  3. Allow freshly painted surfaces to dry for about a week so the paint can “outgas” leading to better sticking.
  4. After installation, it’s a good idea to keep the backing paper in case you want to remove it for a while & you don’t intend to use it again right away.

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