Reduce 2 words
to 1 Finger

A Sticker that is Removable & Reusable
Leaves No Residue • Is stronger than vinyl
& is FUN to Use Indoors & Outdoors!

Celebrity Bird Flips

Find your favorite celeb with their finger held high!
Did we miss one? Contact us right away and we'll do our best to get 'em here, ASAP!
Click any image to see more birds!

Musician Fingers

Adam Levine

Michael Jackson

Ozzy Osbourne

Here, you'll find singers, songwriters, instrumentalists, and anybody with any relation to music. The biggest conductors with the biggest cajones.

Actor Fingers

Aaron Paul

Bruce Willis

Norman Reedus

Movies, Television, Web Series, YouTubers, Viners and more. If they're on video, they're here.

Icon Fingers

Mickey Mouse

Uncle Sam

Big Bird

Famous Logos, Symbols, & other well-known imagery.

Art Fingers

Alternate movie poster for "Easy Rider" by Methane Studios

"Haters Gonna Hate" by Sheila Wend on Tumblr and Pinterest

L. O. V. E. by Maurizio Cattelan

Works of Art that people have created. If you find the Mona Lisa here, she'll be flipping the bird.

Nature Fingers



Bald Eagle

Wild Kingdom middle fingers. The paparazzi isn't just limited to the concrete jungle.

Clothing Fingers




Clothing, Accessories and other wearables that express your opinion.

Political Fingers

US President, Bush

Supreme Leader of North Korea, Kim

RU President, Putin

Presidents, Ministers, Senators, and other Politicians that finally showed each other what the world already thinks of them.

Athlete Fingers

LeBron James, NBA

Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE

Rhonda Rousey, MMA

Football, Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Wrestling, and any others where a player couldn't handle the competition, or even their own teammate.

Other Fingers

Criminal Fingers

Jodi Arias

TJ Lane

Mikail Markhasev

Thieves, Murderers and other undesirables.

Model Fingers

Jason Momoa

Sasha Grey


Supermodels, photoshoots and more featuring the iconic gesture.

Kid Fingers [Coming soon]

Young-ins learning quick and keeping this true-blue American piece of history in pop culture.

Non-AutoFinger Fingers [Coming soon]

Products and others that we're not affiliated with but are passing along for... obvious reasons.

Faceless Fingers [Coming soon]

A list of prime examples of the Finger - without pesky bodies, faces, and other distractions. That's JUST fingers and nothing else, for you slower folks.