Reduce 2 words
to 1 Finger

A Sticker that is Removable & Reusable
Leaves No Residue • Is stronger than vinyl
& is FUN to Use Indoors & Outdoors!

Choose your AutoFinger Stickers from 11 Different Styles

How are you using yours?

How are you using yours?

Choose from 6 Different Sizes!

Our 4 bigger sizes shown below with Jonathan

You ain't the only one Giving the Finger

Check out our Gallery of "Finger Givers" from around the world

Over 1700 of Your Favorite Celebrities & others in Your Favorite Pose:

Giving The Finger • The 1-Finger Salute • Reducing 2 words to 1 Finger

The AutoFinger - Say "Up Yours" By Rolling Up Yours

Roll up your window and Roll out your message!

The Better & Safer way to Road Rage Reduction!
Thanks to The AutoFinger, you no longer have to lift a finger to give the finger! Sometimes, other drivers feel like they need to show the world how stupid they are. But now, you can 1-Up them by giving them 1 Up!

How do I use The AutoFinger?

  1. Stick The AutoFinger on your car window
  2. Roll your window down
  3. Hit the road!
  4. If (we mean when) some bozo decides to demonstrate his (or her) stupidity, Raise Your Window!
  5. After the laughter, when you reach your destination:
    Remove your AutoFinger & Save it for next time you're on the road or use it many other ways!

Watch our helpful, humorous 18-second video to see our demonstration!


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